camerasAtkins Systems offers a vast line of digital, analog, and IP security camera systems and recording products for every home and commercial application.

Why Choose Atkins for your System needs?

The design starts with you. Every customer’s needs are different, and you can trust Atkins to design and install quality products within your budget, providing you unbeatable support and service along the way.

A well-designed camera system considers numerous factors: your security concern (burglary, employee surveillance, etc.), picture quality, recording options, coverage distance, lighting, and environment.

Atkins Systems Security Cameras Service includes:

  • Cloud Based software and recording solutions
  • Stand Alone recording solutions
  • Video Clip Solutions
  • Loss Prevention, Inventory Management Control, and Point of Sale solutions
  • Seamless Integrations with Security and Access Control Systems
  • Employee, Customer, and Visitor Safety
  • Access Video anytime and anywhere
  • Increased Operational Efficiencies
  • Alerts and Notifications Camera surveillance systems can also be used to assist with alarm notification; verifying an alarm before dispatching the police department.
  • Nanny Cameras to ensure your children’s security.
  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • The presence of a camera system in a business will reduce liability, help improve employee safety & honesty, and insure productivity.

Still need convincing?

  • Don’t just deter a criminal, catch them in the act!
  • We offer a free consultation to assess your home or business and provide a custom quote to meet your camera system needs.
  • We can secure and protect swimming pools, nursing homes, childcare facilities, schools, and parking lots, and those are only some examples of coverage we can provide. Protecting your internal rooms such as server rooms, stock rooms, office areas, and warehouses offers even more protection.