Does My Phone Provider Affect My Security?

phoneIf you still have a home phone line, chances are your current security system is tied to that, especially if your system is a certain age. Wired systems still work, but there’s a catch – once your alarm system is tied to one particular provider, it stays that way until you notify someone of the changes. When you switch phone providers, say from AT&T to Comcast, your security system will still be tied to AT&T and may not communicate properly.

Make sure if you switch phone providers that you let us know so we can get everything worked out for you. If your systems is attached to your old phone lines, then it may have lost the connection to our Central Station. Why is this important? Sure, there are typically a number of false alarms that come through every day, but you’re going to want that system wired up correctly in the event of a true emergency. You’re going to need the proper authorities dispatched quickly. We want you to have a fully functional security system, which means it is important for us to know if you’ve decided to switch phone providers.

Call our office, and we’ll test your system for you to ensure that it is working and communicating properly with Central Station. Keep in touch with us and we’ll test your system monthly to make sure everything is in top shape and working condition, and if it’s not, we’ll have a technician come out to figure out what the problem is. Want to get rid of your phone lines? We can take care of that for you too! We’ll install a wireless communicator, which is a great piece of equipment because it automatically tests itself every month!

If you’re planning on switching phone providers or are interested in switching to a wireless system, call us at (770) 479-9100 and we’ll set up an appointment!